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Name:Slash Story Recommendations
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Recommendations for Slash fiction
This community was started in order to find and maintain a list of slashrecs per fandom, per pairing and otherwise. We also accept recs to slash which is original and easily found upon the internet legally to read. Recommendations for any books should be posted in a comments section where the book best fits. Listing its price and where to purchase it will also be most helpful.


1. In order to join, you must be 18 years of age and your journal profile must reflect this.

2. We would appreciate it if you would tag any and all of your posts. There is no excuse not to do so. You should pick at least one or two tags.

3. It is imperative that you stay on topic. This is a slash fic recommendation community and thus there should be no personal posts.

4. We would further appreciate that you don't post spoilers. There may be those who wish to read a story you yourself are looking for and may ruin it for some by revealing the end.

5. Please make certain you include a rating on your recommendation along with a link. And do not give out said links to anyone under 18 years of age. Thank you.

6. Once you have read something, please review it, even if it is just a comment on how much you might have enjoyed it.

Other things of note.

There is a thread where one can list themselves as a beta and what their status is. Available/Unavailable. And what they're willing to beta in terms of fandom and/or genre/kink.

Femslash recommendations are also welcome.

Please feel free to introduce yourself HERE

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